First Model Community Bio-digester Sanitary Complex of the state has been installed at Nathnagar Block, Bhagalpur, Bihar

Nearly 50 percent of India’s population defecates in the open, with the situation particularly acute in impoverished rural areas. The effects of open defecation are serious; affecting environment, agriculture produce, human health, economic and social development. Moreover, this is also a concern for the security of women as it is the time when a woman in most vulnerable and exposed. The lack of sanitation facilities is a problem recognized across the political spectrum. In this context, it gives me great pleasure to share that Mohan Rail Components Pvt. Ltd, in association with Jagran Prakashan Ltd and Govt of Bihar, has set up Bihar’s first ever Bio-digester Community Toilet at Nathnagar Block in the district of Bhagalpur. It has been inaugurated on 25th  March 2015 by Honorable Member of Rajya Sabha and Ex‐minister, Govt of India Mr. Jairam Ramesh, in the presence of Mr. Amandeep Singh, Director, MRCPL, Mr. S.M. Sharma, Chairman, Pehel‐The Initiative, Mr. Anand Madhab, CEO, Jagran Pehel, Mr. Chandrasekhar Singh, Deputy Development Commissioner, Bhagalpur, district officials, PRI representatives and other distinguished personalities of Bhagalpur. By setting up the bio-‐digester unit, we intend to keep cleanliness in the surroundings and also re-‐use energy and waste water produced in the process to provide electricity and other plantation/agricultural activities.

The community toilet comprises of 4 WCs, 1 washroom and 1 wash basin for each gender. The unit has been set up in a covered premise of 50ft x 30ft to ensure safety. Following are the specifications of the toilet:


  • Rigid structure made of MS Sheet with MS Tubes
  • 8 WCs, 2 Washrooms and 2 Wash Basins
  • Separate units for each gender
  • 1000Lt Water tank provided
  • Supply water connection from PHED
  • FRP Bio-‐digester installed is DRDO approved and used in Indian Railways
  • Doors with locking arrangement
  • The toilet is surrounded with walls all around for safety
  • Proper ventilation is provided in each toilet to eliminate foul smell
  • Water taps are provided in each toilet / bathroom
  • Water flushing system installed
  • Sewerage connections are done in a manner to be attended easily for maintenance
  • FRP mat flooring to avoid slippery accidents
  • The roof is tapered to avoid accumulation of rain water
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